Kingdom Builders

Local church expansion, global missions and next-generation leaders

Providing resources to fulfill God's vision.

What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders are a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes, to an on-going program.

The purpose is to provide resources to fulfill the vision God has put on the hearts of the leadership of Connection Point Church, which is all about building His Kingdom. There are three main areas of kingdom growth within Kingdom Builders: local church expansion, global missions and next-generation leaders.

2022 Goal: $233,000

We begin each year by prayerfully seeking what role God wants us to play in building His kingdom. The Bible shows us that Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost, and that there is no greater love than this. He asks us not to hold back in our own sacrifice for the Kingdom. Our focuses this year is preparing for people coming to Connection Point through local church expansion, establishing the church where it does not exist in missions and sending our next generation on overseas trips to grow their kingdom mindsets. We are so excited at what God has in store for 2021 and 2022 through Kingdom Builders! Below are the ministries we will invest our efforts in this year.

Listed below are the specific Pledge Elements that make up the $233,000 Goal

Local Church Expansion: $115,000

Preparing for Those to Come
   • Dining Hall - $25,000
   • New Sign - $35,000
   • Office Sign - $5,000
   • Elementary Kids Area - $50,000

Missions: $82,500

• Hindu & Buddhist Worlds (Eurasia) - $7,500
• Region Projects: $27,000
   • Purdue Chi Alpha (U.S.) – $2,000
   • Church Planting in Oman (Eurasia) - $2,500
   • Coffee House in Northwest China (Northern Asia) – $2,500
   • Property for Churches in Mali (Africa) – $2,500
   • Scholarship Funds for Local Pastors (Europe) – $2,500
   • Children’s Home in Cambodia (Asia Pacific) – $2,500
   • Baseball Ministry in the D.R. (Latin America & The Caribbean) – $2,500
   • Regional Opportunity Fund - $10,000

• Missions Weekends – $12,000
• Local Outreach: $36,000
   • Food Pantry – $25,000
   • Mega Sports Camp – $4,000
   • Trinity Mission - $1,000
   • Freedom 5k - $3,000
   • Backpacks – $1,500
   • Carseats – $1,500

Next Generation Leaders: $35,500

• Youth Morocco Trip – $15,000
• Young Adult Trip – $15,000
• Connection Point Young Adults - $3,500
• Scholarships – $2,000

We are so excited about each and every one of these projects, please take some time to pray and ask God about your commitment and once you have that amount, please contact our church finance office. Above all, continue to pray for the vision and goals of this ministry, the lives we strive to impact and your partnership in growing the Kingdom of God!


  • Prayerfully consider your commitment.
  • Email our church finance office at:
  • You can begin giving during the weekly church service, online or at our annual Miracle Offering in May.
  • The vision will be presented every fall.
  • We’ll present exciting updates throughout the year as milestones are reached to help encourage you in your commitment.


For more information or to become a Kingdom Builder, contact us at