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* For a more comprehensive look into the heart behind Mentoring, watch the following two messages on Experiencing the Extraordinary.

How to know if you are mentee material:
  • Are you willing to take direct, pervasive feedback without being defensive?
  • Are you willing to look at yourself in the mirror and make changes to improve?
  • Are you humble, maybe even broken; hungry for personal growth?
  • Do you have a passionate commitment to Jesus?
  • Are you willing to “pay it forward” and influence others?
What’s involved?
  • The mentoring process involves a monthly 3-hour meeting, a Friday evening/Saturday retreat (in October), significant reading assignments, memorizing a couple of scriptures a month and a few other important homework assignments. We will begin in September and end with a picnic in June.
  • The meetings aren’t optional…the group will settle on a schedule and stick to it. A premium is placed on timeliness, preparation and respect for everyone else in the group. We can almost assure you that you will have to make some tough business and family decisions in order to honor your commitment to your mentor and to the group and be at each meeting…and be there on time.
If you are involved in graduate studies, or already overextended in other commitments, then you probably would be well served to pass on this opportunity this year. Although not burdensome, the requirements are consistent and they will take focused time, both to attend the sessions and to do the reading and memory work.

Books and materials will be provided by Connection Point.  The reading list for 2018/2019 is as follows:

  • September (Mentoring) – The Disciple Maker’s Handbook – Bobby Harrington & Josh Patrick
  • October (Identity)
    • Men: Wild at Heart – John Eldredge
    • Women: Captivating – Staci Eldredge
  • November (Purpose) – Radical – David Platt
  • December (Mentor’s Choice)
  • January (Abide Daily) – Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster
  • February (Marriage & Relationships) – You and Me Forever – Francis & Lisa Chan
  • March (Mentor’s Choice)
  • April (Sharing the Good News of Jesus) – 42 Seconds – Carl Medearis
  • May (Leadership) – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
  • June (Pay it Forward) – Good and Beautiful Community – James Bryan Smith

 Take some time to really think about this…pray about it…talk to your spouse. If you are lukewarm, don’t pursue it. Work on faithfulness to Jesus and His church first and then apply next year.

If you know you are ready for mentoring, then fill out the online application. The cutoff date for applications is April 15th.
Regardless of your decision, Connection Point is privileged to have you as part of our congregation. Thanks for considering this opportunity.
—Pastor Zach Maddox

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