Jan 15 – Apr 7, 2020

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Connect Groups

Whether you are just investigating Christianity, have been following Jesus your whole life, or are somewhere in-between, we want you to get connected through a Connect Group.
Connect Groups are an exciting way for you to meet and connect with others. We offer three sessions each year: January-April, June-July, and September-November. Connect Groups provide a fun-filled, relaxing environment for people to engage in meaningful relationships. They are focused on building relationships, helping you to grow together in your walk with God, and prayer and celebration with one another.
We have three kinds of Connect Groups: Breakthrough Connect GroupsCommunity Connect Groups and Discipleship Connect Groups.
  1. Breakthrough Connect Groups are meant for individuals seeking freedom from life-controlling issues.
  2. Community Connect Groups are an important part of the mission of CPC in creating a place to belong.  These groups are interest-oriented and seek to create opportunities for building relationships.  These are a great option to invite friends and neighbors who are new to the faith or perhaps still exploring the invitation of Jesus.  
  3. Discipleship Connect Groups are centered on building relationships, while learning how to abide daily, live the Word, share the story of Jesus, give generously and serve others.
Whether you are looking for community, discipleship or pursuing a breakthrough, we encourage you to join a Connect Group, because you belong at Connection Point!
There are 3 easy ways to sign-up:
  1. On your Connect Card.
  2. Online
  3. At the Main Street Theater. 
You can also sign-up at our Connect Group Fair on Sunday, January 5!

Connect Group Leader Resources

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Connect Group Format

Connect Groups follow a set format, which makes them easily accessible for anyone:

  • Defined time commitment: 90-minutes per week.
  • Flexible schedule: Connect Groups come together anytime during the week and at various locations throughout the greater Lafayette area.
  • Limited term: Each group lasts 10 – 12 weeks.
  • Variety of topics: Each Connect Group leader can choose the focus of his/her group.

To carry out this format, we have three semesters of Connect Groups per year. Between Connect Group semesters, we have a month off to regroup for the next semester. Everyone is invited to sign-up for a Connect Group every semester, so that you will have the opportunity to get to know more people and learn something new every semester.

The advantage of this schedule to newcomers is that no one has to try to fit in with an established group – every group is new every semester, so everyone is on equal footing socially when each new group begins. Everyone gets to connect with new friends every semester. In addition, your commitment is just for that semester when you join a group.

So, check out this semester’s Connect Group listing from the link above! If the Group hasn’t started yet, just click the “join a group” button to join! But if we’re in the middle of a semester, that’s OK – next semester’s sign-up is no more than a couple of months away, and you can join us then. For more information email our Connect Group Coordinator.