Our Mission

Belong: Find a place to belong at Connection Point by engaging in our weekend events and by getting involved in Connect Groups.

Believe: By believing in Jesus (John 6:69) and staying on mission for Him (Matthew 28:19-20) we are promised a rich and satisfying life (John 10:10) and the ability to live eternally with God (John 3:16) and other believers.

Become: It must be the goal of every believer to become more like Jesus. You do this at Connection Point by becoming a mentee who is equipped to serve as a mentor.  You can have an extraordinary life by becoming a mentor!

Bring: In order to fulfill God’s big dream (Revelation 7:9-10), we must bring people to Jesus. We do this by becoming mentors who are equipped to share the story of Jesus in our neighborhoods and workplaces.

Belong Testimony

It all started with the ‘Ice cream social’ event that I attended, which was sponsored by CPC and hosted by Purdue Chi Alpha. It was my first week in the US and I was looking for a community to get involved with. It was there I made friends with a guy from my city back in India who introduced me to CPC. Very soon, I made a lot of connections and started being a part of Purdue Chi Alpha and Connection Point and have enjoyed every moment of it.

In a lot of ways, Connection Point resembled my home church and I developed an instant “connect”. Walking in for the very first time, within a few minutes I was sure that this is going to be my home church away from home! I found a sense of belonging right away through different experiences, from warm greetings to genuine conversations, from challenging sermons to spirit-filled songs, from the “Welcome” sign to the “Have-a-good-week” greeting! A few weeks later, it was like I had been here for years. Such was the value that CPC had for its community. I found myself growing deeper and stronger in my faith, being constantly challenged to live out the Gospel.

With the tremendous measure I have received, I also wanted to give back. Serving the Lord has always been on my heart and I signed up for the “Next Step” class. It was there I learned a lot about the church and its mission, and how I can be part of what God is doing through the church. I quickly jumped in to serve and I found a greater sense of belonging. But more than that, I began to realize that now, I had the opportunity to help people “Belong”! This has been my experience and I’m grateful to God for the vision that He has for CPC in actively engaging the community, which I know will help people find their faith, as we welcome them with the love of Christ.


Other Figures

Believe Testimony

Iam new to Connection Point Church. I wanted to share my story and thank you for unknowingly aiding my path to a stronger faith.

My dad died 7 years ago which sent me into a state of anxiety and a feeling that I could somehow control every danger around me and my family. A tall order to try to keep up with, right? It exhausts every opportunity for joy and peace.

Prior to losing my Dad, I had a very loose idea of faith and had a tendency to be skeptical about something that I had no physical evidence to ground the concept. I believed in the possibility of God as the creator and had a “half in” kind of relationship.

My anxiety and irrational fears continued to grow. They began to bleed into my daily life and inhibit me from many potentially wonderful experiences.

I knew the only way around this would be faith, so I came to the church. At that time, I knew in order to begin this journey I would have to rationalize the notion of God and Jesus. I did this by asking myself, “Can I believe that God created it all?” My answer was yes. This made everything that would follow easier to accept as truth. I knew that authenticity in my faith would be crucial. I knew that if I didn’t fully accept God and the Bible as truths, I would fall short. Naturally, I had a lot of questions. A couple of the questions I had along the way was, “Why did there have to be evil?”, and “Why did God create us with free will if that free will would cause such harm?” I came to the conclusion that in order to have authentic love for him, we had to choose him. Would love be real if it just was and we didn’t choose it or have the ability to see an alternative?

I knew I needed God to take it slow with me. If I dove in too fast, I would fear. I would fail. The first 2 visits to the church I cried….a lot. I found myself in the back shedding tears. Leaving to go to the bathroom to cry harder. Nobody saw this and I was happy about that. I wasn’t ready to be embraced. It made me comfortable enough to come back. Listening to you made me feel worthy. Made me feel hopeful, not scared. Thank you for that. The third visit, I was finally compelled to raise my hand to give it to God, to walk with Christ. A woman and I went to a room and prayed and cried. She gave me a bible and wow! That Bible is so much easier to follow than any I’ve had before.

I prayed to God and he told me that I was like a wet battered dog that just entered a new loving home. That when the once hurt dog enters the new home, it’s still skeptical, broken and fearful that the pain will come again.

So, now I knew I needed to build trust. I needed to break down my walls. This is where I’m currently at. I have noticed that God is answering and indeed taking it slow as I requested. I’m slowly able to tackle small fears and I look forward to tackling bigger fears. One of my favorite quotes right now is, “God places the best things on the other side of fear.”

Again, thank you for being gentle. For being accepting and real. I have been to churches in the past where I left feeling not worthy. Like I didn’t stand a chance. Part of that could have been my own insecurities and skepticism as well. I really felt like everything aligned this time. It was like everything being shared was fitting into where I was.

Become Testimony

Let me just say that I love the church. I love being a part of the Body of Christ. I’ve been a Christ-follower for nearly 45 years. When I was introduced to Jesus in 1973, I was immediately brought into a different reality of church life that I had known as a child. I began to grow as a young believer not just from a Sunday morning experience, but also from a life-on-life discipleship relationship. It formed deep spiritual roots in me that have molded, sustained and guided my life. When I look back to those days I am forever grateful for the investment and commitment into my life that forever shaped my destiny in Jesus.

Things began to change in the 1980’s. The church began to lean more heavily on Sunday school and small group formats to carry the weight of discipleship. The abundance of programming and success stories perpetuated what I call “institutional discipleship.” Don’t get me wrong, a lot of good teaching is given and a lot of lives have been impacted through small groups.

However, my experiences have convinced me that nothing can replace the eternal impact that a genuine life on life discipleship commitment will make in a person’s life.

When the idea of a life on life discipleship format for our church family was being explored, I was excited to say the least. My heart longs for my church family to experience the depth and joy that comes to those who will humbly walk alongside another mature believer in their journey with God. I’m looking forward to the coming months and the changed lives that will come out of our mentoring groups at Connection Point Church.


Bring Testimony

For school, I needed to complete an externship program. I considered the program my mission field with the goal of sharing the love of Jesus as much as possible. I spoke of Connection Point often and the various ministries I am involved in. Women in the health practice approached me days, even weeks later asking me questions about Connection Point. I was so encouraged because I knew that my openness paved a road of communication that only the Holy Spirit could orchestrate.

One particular woman, named Robin, shared details with me of her family hardships, involving her two children, and the recent passing of her father. It was evident that the hand of God had arranged for me to use her circumstances as opportunities to share the love of Jesus and to speak life to her.

I began inviting Robin to church almost weekly. She primarily had a Catholic background but struggled in her relationship with God. Robin had a hunger for something deeper. I prayed over Robin and kept inviting her to church. Some days felt discouraging, but I pressed in and stayed persistent.

The Sunday that Jay Covert preached, Robin and her son Peter came to Connection Point for the very first time. They responded to the altar call with tears streaming down their faces as they gave their lives to Jesus. The overwhelming joy I felt watching them in that moment was proof that by me being faithful, lives were forever changed and I will see them both in heaven one day.


Honestly Challenged

We had 384 first time guests last year. This means we averaged between 7 to 8 guests per week. With an average Sunday attendance last year of 595 people that means we averaged 1 to 2 guests for every 100 people at Connection Point.

Ratio of First-Time Guests to Regular Attenders

3/100 – Maintenance Mode
5/100 – Missional Mindsets
7/100 – Multiplying Community

According to the chart above, the people of Connection Point are currently living in maintenance mode and have yet to embrace a missional mindset which leads to a multiplying community. We have room for growth as we fulfill the “bring” part of our mission.

At Connection Point it is our desire to ignite passion for Jesus by creating a culture where people belong in community, believe in Jesus and become like Him in order to be equipped to bring others in the same.